Teacher Uses Band-Aids To Explain Difference Between Equality Vs Equity, 8-Year-Olds Understand It Better Than Adults

Kids are smart, curious and adaptable, and can learn challenging concepts with remarkable ease with the right teaching methods.

Tumblr user aloneindarknes7 illustrated this by sharing their way of teaching 8-year-olds the difference between two similar but distinct ideas, those of equality and equity. The post originally appeared on the Tumblr ‘Citizenship and Social Justice, which “tracks primarily issues of class, race, gender, education, and activism.”

Now obviously, simply knowing the difference between these two concepts, and learning how to implement them in real life are too completely different things. After reading the teacher’s method, people began a fascinating discussion about inequality, justice and social issues that really provokes some critical thinking. Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This image was posted recently, explaining the difference between equality and equity

So a teacher decided to share how they make 8-year-olds understand the concepts

Some people agreed with the post

Others had a different opinion

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