$9 Billion Dollar Start-Up Flipkart Presents Massive Earning Opportunity for Indian Vendors, Merchants, and Manufacturers.

Indians Sellers Stand to Make Millions

If you work at a watch shop. Selling a dozen watches in a day is impressive. But when you list your products on a website that gets 200 million unique visitors a month there is a lot more potential to sell. Vendors of watches on Flipkart can sell upwards of a 1,000 units per day. These kind of numbers are mind boggling but they represent the true opportunity that manufacturers especially indian manufactures have on Flipkart. Dominating listings and products can generate millions in revenue. The top producing vendors on Flipkart absolutely crush the average numbers of a retail outlet.

Early Indian Supporters of FlipKart Made a Fortune.

Imagine backing the next Facebook, eBay, or Netflix. That is what a small group of smart indian investors did back in 2011 when they backed a young Sachin Binsal who had just left Amazon. These supporters had no idea that they had just placed the chances on a man that would deliver beyond their wildest dreams.

Creating Opportunities for Local Indians.

Thanks to the Binsal’s creation it allowed many Indian vendors to jump on the platform and create a small fortune for themselves. In the early days there was less competiton and a lot of demand. Imagine being the only vendor selling a product high-in-demand? You could so many orders you wouldn’t know what to do with them. As time went on competition did get much harder on the platform as more and more vendors were welcomed. But along the way many Indian manufacturers and entrepreneurs have made millions off the e-commerce giant’s traffic.

Looking Back at the Start.

Looking at this photo it’s hard to tell that one of these men are headed for technology superstardom. What seems like a normal photo of two friends hanging on the ledge is now a distant memory for one of India’s most renowned Entrepreneurs.

11 Years ago Flipkart was founded by Sachin Binsal and Binny Binsal (not related). The initial website was only built for only ₹400,000.  The now behemoth e-commerce unicorn is worth almost $8 billion USD.  When the business first started it didn’t have the support it has today.

Sachin found it very hard to raise funding to help his new startup. Its very rare to create an eight figure business in technology let alone one that is worth nine.  At the time him and his business partner were delivering the books ordered from Flipkart on their scooters to customers (Have to love that hustle!).

Sachin says there not even close to done growing. That his hope is that the platform will one day be a $100 billion dollar company.